Jack is a terribly honest character: terrible at being honest, and honest to a terrific extent, one that people are not ready to take. Maybe he does know that, and why he avoids confrontation like the plague. Cynthia, on the other hand, can’t be fully honest without putting some effort into it, because her innate candor would give her away immediately.

But, sometimes, honesty is all you have, all you can give. And you can only pray it’s enough.
Well… looks like it was.

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Honesty is the best policy. One of Jack’s problems is that he has a hard time putting into words what he thinks and feels. He also gives me the impression that lacks tact at times and is so honest, that what he says tends to be misunderstood as something negative even though deep down his words were not intended to offend, but simply to speak of concrete facts. Hence, it created his habit of thinking a lot about what he should say. It also explains his preference to keep his thoughts to himself, because sometimes he feels that it is… Read more »


When will the next part of the Christmas special come?

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