Volume 1

First volume of ☾YMBERLIGHT containing the first three chapters.

Chapter 1 – Ceasefire

Jack has been discharged after a long period of recovery in an underground facility, and now Cynthia is responsible for his conduct as he’s forced to live in a new apartment with nothing to do and many thoughts to sort out.
How will things proceed between them?

Chapter 2 – Down the rabbit hole

Cynthia’s job isn’t looking particularly good, but she’s determined not to let Jack down in spite of him trying to avoid her. Meanwhile, at the Agency she works for, problems start to arise because of a certain letter…

Chapter 3 – The center of my world

Cynthia continues to see Jack almost on daily bases, and they try their best to bear with each other. However, Jack seems to have a hard time dealing with her constant presence. Will he be able to endure the pression until the end?