Starting from chapter 4, ☾YMBERLIGHT will only be published on this website

Hi everyone. This isn’t much of a communication, actually, but it is very important for us to set some boundaries.

As the title says, starting from chapter 4, while keeping the usual publication of HD pages on Patreon, we’re going to publish the comic only on this website. We’ll still use social medias, but only to inform you about the most recent publications, and only a few times a month.

This means you will no longer be able to read the comic on DeviantArt, Tumblr, Twitter and so on. If you want to read/download the comic (for free, like it has always been), you must check the galleries here.

There is a number of reasons for this decision:

  • regularly posting on social medias is exhausting;
  • social medias don’t feel safe anymore;
  • original works should always be published on a platform owned by the author, whenever it’s possible;
  • quality over quantity: less readers but more invested;

It’s our intention to make the reading of ☾YMBERLIGHT as simple as possible, so we’ll probably use Gumroad in the next future to publish the single chapters for free, in a convenient format.

Thanks to all the people who still follow and support us in every possible way!

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A reasonable move. I would have to agree with social media not feeling as “safe” for content as it use to be.


As an aspiring artist myself, your view that artist should post their original work on a platform owned by themselves have given me an idea on how to proceed with my journey of starting to post my original work online and share it with a wider audience. Thank you!! Also… Thank you for all of this amazing content, the awesome website and the beautiful, endearing chracters you have put so much work into creating and bring to life. Reading through all the novels and comics (up to cymberlight so far since I started yesterday) has brough me joy, laughter, and… Read more »


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