A section dedicated to the authors and their ideas.

About the authors

Previously known as AoiRemArt, we are two girls who just love making comics together. We decided to change our alias to have a fresh start again, and Four O’Clocks Art is a neat name with many meanings close to our hearts. Our career as cartoonists started with fancomics. During this time, we became aware of the… Continue reading About the authors

About ☾YMBERLIGHT’s restyling

Hi everyone, very soon we’ll begin the publication of ☾YMBERLIGHT, our official comic telling the story of Jack Turner and Cynthia Walker, consequently excluding the production of more spinoff comics from now on. During the making of the pages, we have reached some conclusions, both on a graphic and narrative level, and now we wish… Continue reading About ☾YMBERLIGHT’s restyling

Ongoing surveys

A section dedicated to regular polls regarding the readers’ opinion on Cymberlight.