Happy Easter, everyone!

They’re cute, aren’t they? This design has inspired us a lot, so much that we decided to make a little special AU that will be available for preview on Patreon in the next few days.

Stay tuned!

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Love the art! She looks gorgeous and he looks adorable! *chuckle* But knowing Jack, he would probably hate being called adorable *burst out laughing* Is the AU going to be available later for all mortals or is just a special treat for your patreons? *puss in boots eyes* He’s probably having another… how should I call it?…. Want attack? Fever attack? Heat attack? Cycy is too hot attack? *snort* for the look in his face, she’s definitely too much to handle for poor Bunnyboy. Being a good boy with a very dirty mind is hell to pay, isn’t it, my… Read more »

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