Jack’s Savage Fantasies [UPDATE 18/03/2019] – COMPLETED!

The comic Jack’s Savage Fantasies has been updated with pages 24-32!
You can read the new pages by clicking on the Continue reading → button; alternatively, you can read the whole comic by selecting CYMBERLIGHT > CYMBERLIGHT:PROTOTYPE > COMICS > JACK’S SAVAGE FANTASIES from the menu, or simply go here: GALLERY

Jack’s Savage Fantasies’ status is now officially COMPLETED.

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Wow! Holy Cow! WTH, Jack???!!! O_O’ Ok… A bit shocked! Don’t get me wrong, I laughed like a hyena while I was reading it but to be honest, never thought it was going to end like this… *chuckle*… Talking about desperate times call for “desperate measures”. Many thoughts are running through my head. So many details!!!! It’s evident he was terrified about the consequences of being so close to his chosen one in such a vulnerable moment. Anything could have happened, from dying eviscerated by the hands of his beloved to *cough* *cough* be found later, together, in a broom… Read more »


Sorry, long comment coming but I promise, I deliver. My Soundtrack attack: JSMLC “Kiss” – Tom Jones “Kiss” – Prince. JSF “Pink” – Aerosmith “Any Which Way” – Scissor Sisters, “Hit the Road Jack” – Wolfgang Lohr & Maskarade Remix “Essence of Us” – Emilie Adams. Like I said before, to me JSMLC and JSF are part of the same story, the tale of how our beloved hare descend to the pit of insanity and it’s so epic that its soundtrack deserves an explanation. We start with an amalgamation about who Jack is and who Cynthia thinks he is… First… Read more »


That crazy bun just jump out a window!!!???


Are going to have a next part


Wait, who’s William though?


Cynthia has some cute puffy cheeks


Make more of the comic nowwwwwwwww.Me want more

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