Estelle (or, to give the title some drip, Est★lle)  is the story of a young woman which discovers an ancient power and has to learn how to control it. In doing so, she’ll figure out who she really wants to be.
A first introduction of the main characters has been done in this post.

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The plot

Monica is a 24yo software developer who has no idea of what to do with her own life. Her job is boring, her coworkers don’t get along with her, and her social life is non-existent since she moved into her current apartment, far from anyone she knows.

But things start to change when her PM puts her in the same team as Jacob, one of her oldest colleagues. Jacob doesn’t talk a lot, but he’s surprisingly nice to her – nicer than anyone has ever been in that office. It’s only a matter of time before Monica takes a huge liking to him, and the two become friends.

One day, Jacob asks her out to an antiques exihibition he’s got free tickets for. Monica is happy at the prospect of being with him outside of work, and promptly accepts. At the exihibition, they meet an old man called Arturo; it turns out he’s not only the one who has lent his private collection to the museum, but also a friend of Jacob.

Arturo seems to take a strong interest in Monica, and invites both of them to his mansion, where he will show Monica the rest of his antiques… including a mysterious artefact which is said to have magical properties. Monica is skeptical, but it couldn’t hurt to pay that old, friendly man a visit, right? Besides, if it gets her to spend more time with Jacob…

► What kind of media is Estelle?

As you probably already know, we’ve been making comics for 5 years now (that’s a lot of time!) and we will of course make comics of Estelle, too. However, they won’t be the main medium for this project. In fact, Estelle is supposed to be a visual novel – you might be familiar with this type of story: a famous visual novel is Fate/stay night, for example.

However, doing a videogame is not an easy feat. That’s why, while the novel is being written “in the background”, we will tell you bits and pieces of the characters in a more familiar way, the one we know best. We’ll try other things, too, such as short novels with images (like these).
It is also possible that we’ll do a kickstarter campaign to fund the game, but only after the whole story has been plotted carefully. There’s still a long way to go! That’s why there’s no current release date as of now.

► Is there a specific account where I can follow the project?

Yes, we intend to post every content related to Estelle on @estelle_vn on Twitter. Of course, we’re also going to post everything on this website, as well as publishing sneaky peeks and such on Instagram.
Please look forward to the first comic about Monica and Jacob we will publish in the coming days!

► Will you make exclusive content for patreon?

We don’t know yet, it depends on the demand. Once we start publishing more content, we’ll see how it is received by our readers.

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