In this section, you can find all of our novels published up until now, settled before the events narrated in Cymberlight.

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An unplanned party

« Despite his best efforts, Jack couldn’t refrain from thinking that Cynthia looked gorgeous in the tight red dress she had chosen to wear for the event. »

A gorgeous creature

« The cat whimpered softly. “… boss, I have a confession.” Suspense descended upon them, or maybe it was just moisture in the air. “I think… I’m in love.” »


« Jack turned and smiled at the vixen. “You’re welcome,” he replied, to save her the effort of saying words she wasn’t used to. “Good work, Cynthia.” »


« “…” The paw Maria had lifted to her head fell by her side as she watched him with wide, sharp eyes. “What’s your name, Bunnyboy?” »

White Sound

« “I’m already performing mine,” she replied. “Knocking some sense into that thick skull of yours was supposed to be my job, no?” »

Communication problems

« Jack frowned. “With all due respect, Colonel… I wouldn’t call Walker shy not even by mistake. As for uncooperative, though, I think it suits her very well.” »


« Cynthia watched him for a while; he was tiny and slender, but a strong aura surrounded his figure. It was almost like nothing could make him waver. »


« It was the most beautiful song Jack had ever heard in his life. »

Thrilling Pink Adventure

« “That’s right.” The vixen nodded resolutely, casting a firm look upon her copy in the mirror. “Dare to be pretty. Dare to be sexy.” »

One day

« That’s why he had eventually concluded that, sometimes, it’s better to stop thinking. Silence the mind. Follow the instinct. »


« Cynthia Walker. Walker was… quite a meaningful surname, in Gregory’s opinion. Walker, the one who walks; despite adversities, uncertainty, and pain. »


« “You’re right,” I said, with a smile – but this time, it was bitter and self-conscious. “Come with me; I’ll take you away from this place.” »

You’ll be my wife

« He smiled. “But… you are, and will always be, the love of my life. You are the one I want to dedicate myself to, forever and ever.” »

Non-canon novels

Novels that tell stories which are likely to be happened, or to happen in the future, but didn’t actually happen across the canon storyline.