Two more kids join the family!

In the past two or three months, you might have noticed a couple of humans popping up in our Twitter and IG.
We still didn’t properly introduced them to our readers, so many of you were confused about the identity of these characters. In a sense, it was funny throwing random crops of them at you without context…

…but the time for an actual presentation is drawing closer, so it’s only fair to talk about them for a bit before the thing is out.

🥳 So, let’s introduce Monica and Jacob! 🎉


Monica, the girl who’ll become a witch — She doesn’t know that yet, though.


This four-eyes, bored and mildly depressed girl is Monica. She is 24 years old and works as a programmer in an IT company (so, in case anyone was having doubts, now you know for sure she’s not Cynthia Walker; her vibe is quite different and, besides… Cynthia is a vixen, not a human 🦊).

Monica is the main character of a story which is still currently being written. The title of this work, which should be a VN, is “Estelle“. However, you can expect more content of her through other medium in the future!


Monica is a fun character to write. She has interesting quirks which make her an unconventional female lead. It’s only natural, for a girl who is going to be a witch…
…sort of.

She isn’t alone in this, of course, which is yet another thing she doesn’t know. This is why she looks so sad in the image above. But her sadness is going to disappear very soon. In fact… something interesting is about to happen.

Boom! A man! And a good-looking one, too! Is there anything more interesting than a sexy man?


Yes, that’s right. He is going to happen.
Well, many other things will happen, too. But everything starts with him. And who exactly is he?

His name is Jacob. He’s 35 years old – Yes, you read that right. Massive age gap, I know. Someone has to do that. – and works in the same company as Monica. Same as before, he’s not Jack Turner, but an entirely different character. The only things they have in common are the first three letters of their names.

You will find out that Jacob is basically a watchtower when it comes to Monica. He has his reasons, though. Some of them are… questionable, but that’s what makes the process of torturing him so enjoyable. Ah, pathetic men are truly the best. You never get tired of bullying them!


Even though Monica is the main character, I can’t exactly label Jacob as a supporting one. Or, rather, his support is so crucial that he deserves his own place on the podium. If anything, because Monica is going to like him an unhealthy amount in the story, so he will be very present in her life.
Funnily enough, their start is not the best. Even more so in the little comic we’re preparing, which shows the first interaction between them, from Jacob’s POV. From Monica’s one… that wouldn’t even count as an interaction, I guess. But Jacob had enough that was enough for Jacob.



So… there you have it. Jacob and Monica join the fouroclocks family! Please be nice to them!
We’ll try to show more of them in the upcoming months as much as time allows us. But, please, don’t think we “gave up on Jack and Cynthia”, because that’s not true and will never be. J&C remain our pupils, rest assured of that. Just… Jacob and Monica deserve some spotlight, too.

So… hope you will like them. Even a fraction of how much you love Jack and Cynthia will be enough. The authors will compensate. 😉

See you soon! 💕

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I’m dying to know their story! It’s good that they were formally introduced.

I was wondering, will their comics also be available on Gumroad?
I know that there are things that are published above all for the Patreons, since they are the ones that support you the most, but I hope that you make all your work available to the rest on the Gumroad platform.
It does not matter if at some point it is just a compilation of various works, between drawings and writings. Would be wonderful! 🙂

Love you! ♥♥♥


Im eating this up already. Im in.

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