Jack’s Savage Fantasies [UPDATE 16/12/2018]

The comic Jack’s Savage Fantasies has been updated with pages 17-23!
You can read the new pages by clicking on the Continue reading → button; alternatively, you can read the whole comic by selecting CYMBERLIGHT > CYMBERLIGHT:PROTOTYPE > COMICS > JACK’S SAVAGE FANTASIES from the menu, or simply go here: GALLERY

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Love the new pages, but I’m afraid something huge is coming, they are reaching a very important moment… why do I suddenly feel like this is going to be a turning point to them? This will help to clarify their feelings and help to relieve a bit of the tension that always exist between them or it will bring a huge amount of extra misunderstandings that will pull them even more apart. Do things really need to get so worst so much before they start getting better? I pity them. So much passion, so much love, so much need, bottled… Read more »


Well, one of the reasons I love your characters it’s because they are complicated! And by the way, I Love the new website! :)♥ xoxo


I’ve always loved your 2 work and this website is amazing place for it. Took me about 2 mins to get the basics down.

Myles Wesley Kent

Will they finally give into their passion for each other?

🖤 SadGirl 🖤

To be honest … this comic is undoubtedly ART, I love these comics seriously, I LOVE THESE COMICS ❤❤😍 The only problem I have is that they are not in my language, which makes me very sad 😓😓 PLEASE SOMEONE TRANSLATES THESE COMICS IN SPANISH I SUPPLY THEM !! 😫😫 With that I would be happy …
P.S: In case you’re asked, I’m actually talking to a translator (So you can see how serious my problem is)


I absolutely love this comic so far. The drawings are extra crisp, and the characters are dynamic

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