Admiral William White

Today, December 12, is William White‘s birthday.

Will is a character we haven’t shown you yet. He’s an admiral, and has been knowing Cynthia since a long time; just like her, he’s an arctic fox. When he gets back to Portanova, they often hang out together.
Will is a kind soul: he’s reassuring, patient, and emanates an aura of dignity and respect. However, he’s also able to easily put others at ease thank to his soft smile and the tranquillity he inspires.

He loves wide-open spaces, and his favorite nature’s elements are water and wind. He’s a glutton for fish, and fishing is one of his hobbies.

You can find this sketch by selecting GALLERY > SKETCHES from the menu.

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Are you guys ever going to put yourselves in your stories as cameos or minor characters? If so what animals would you be? Plus, would you make yourselves interact with other characters such as Cynthia or Will?


And that would be definitely interesting. 🙂


He better not take jacks girl😎


I think he’s gorgeous. ♥♥♥ It’s going to be interesting to read about his relationship whith Cynthia and how it affects certain Hare. Maybe he will be able to help where Gregory and Cecile haven’t been able to. Sometimes our beloved thick heads tend to need an interpreter between them. *sigh*




Right now, I don’t know if I love you or I hate you, guys. Because now, thanks to you, I’m realizing I’m starting to get a horrendous second lead syndrome!
Argh! Why did he have to be so beautiful and special!!! *facedesk* 

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