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FurryTails – In the Witch’s lair (part 1)

Yesterday was Christmas and we spectacularly managed to forget to post this “special” page on the website. Anyway… here’s a new FurryTails update! With festive, red hats, since it’s Christmas and all. Original page (with no hats!) is available on Patreon. Check it out if you like, along with the rest of the series!

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Happy birthday, Jack!

September 21 is Jack’s birthday! Despite us being extremely busy in the past few months, we couldn’t miss our dearest boy’s birthday.

So, I wrote a little snippet… but, unfortunately, it’s in Italian, because this time I didn’t feel like translating it. However, there’s always Rem’s gorgeous art-style which never fails to bring us some joy!

Note: although it’s untranslated, the snippet does tell a bit of canon story about young Jack and Cynthia. It’s about Jack buying customizable fireguns and Cynthia imitating him in everything he does…

The drawing and the story are respectively available on CYMBERLIGHT > SINGLE ILLUSTRATIONS and CYMBERLIGHT > SHORT NOVELS > NUGGETS OF ☾YMBERLIGHT from the menu. Alternatively, you can read the story here by hitting the Continue reading → button, or simply go here.

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Happy birthday, Cynthia! (2020)

January 16 is Cynthia’s birthday, and we celebrate it with an illustration of a particular specimen: the flower fairy vixen, a creature of unparalled beauty and grace.

Fairy Cynthia is a rather timid creature; she doesn’t like crowded places, that’s why she lives away from the hustle of the city.
Fairy Cynthia has no fixed abode. She usually stays in places where the nature flourishes, with a strong preference for flower meadows. Flowers are, indeed, the main source of her power and one of her favorites hair ornaments.
Her magic is what created the “Moon” which can be seen in the picture. Cynthia uses it as a means of transport, to travel across the world; when she doesn’t use it, Cynthia makes it shrink with a spell so that she can brings it with her easily by wearing it like a pendant.

Fairy Cynthia is very popular amongst other magical creatures. There’s one in particular, a little fairy hare, who has a very intense crush on her. His name is Jack, and he thinks he doesn’t stand a chance to win Cynthia’s heart, so he just follows her without saying a word. For this reason, Cynthia believe the little creature cannot speak at all, and Jack has no intention of clearing the misunderstanding for now…