Champagne – Christmas Special 2022 [FINAL UPDATE]

“Cute” isn’t the word I would’ve used…

Part 3 is here! Feel free to leave a comment to say whom is your money on…

Please visit the gallery for thw whole reading experience!

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LMAO! I don’t know which is more adorable, the pair of fools arguing like an old married couple or the parents proud of their children and mom almost planning their wedding in her head. The interesting thing is that to some extent both adults are right, although their opinion is valid at different times. I would have loved to know Cecilia’s reasons for saying she thinks Jack will be the one to make the first move. If we look at it, from the current moment in time -when the children’s relationship is healthier- she is right, because at this point,… Read more »


Oh common, don’t make me wait more. Make Cynthia and Jake kiss please. I’d kill for read more romantic material of them. 🥹


Omg I just realized that in my last comment I wrote “common” instead of “come on” and “Jake” instead of “Jack”. That is what you get when you write so fast… so sorry lol


I’ve always wondered what Jack and Cynthia would sound like if they had voice actors. For Cynthia, I always thought Colleen Clinkenbeard was always a good fit

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