Survey results [About the Estelle project]

Hey there! This survey has been up for more than a month now, and we got some interesting responses from it, which I’d like to share with you (so that we can also answer to some questions we received).


The majority of people who took this survey did consume some media from this new project. Those who didn’t, I suspect they just don’t know they did. 😂



To that single person who enjoyed “Inappropriate Touch”: I love you.
Anyway, it really makes you think that a one-page comic was almost as appreciated as a nine-pages one. As they say, less is more. One-page comics are the future! (Or I just need to get better at writing comics 🤡)



This is more or less what I expected from this question, which makes sense considering that Monica is officially the main character and, on paper, the most interesting one among the two. Althoug, my heart belongs to Jacob 💖 My babygirl. My pathetic man.



Almost only positive answers, which is good! I’ll let you know this medium is proving to be rather challenging for both of us (it almost makes comics look simpler, which… they aren’t). It’s heavily script-based but the visual part is not like the one in a comic, and this fact shall not be overlooked.



Thank you! In case you didn’t know (you probably didn’t), we’re working on a new novel right now, again related to Estelle, called “Can’t Hold My Feelings”. It’s a loooooong work, but I’m confident we’ll be able to show you something interesting… eventually.

And now, onto the single questions/comments!

1) “<3 <3 <3”

Many hearts to you too, anon!

2) “I really like this project, I jumped on the bandwagon a little late so the sudden this new thing besides Cymberlight caught me off guard, but I was pleasantly surprised from it, and I can’t wait to see what you ladies have in store! And by the way, Cymberlight is my “I’m not a furry…but” moment haha!”

Cymberlight is also our “I’m not a furry… but” moment! They just happened to be anthro characters, we didn’t create them because of the furry itself.
Thank you for your kind words, I hope you’ll like what’s in store! ✨

3) “Will you focus only on visual novels or do you plan to write more comics or written novels about them? I would like to get to know the characters better.”

Making visual novels is hard and we can’t expect to do that all the time anyway. Once the sprites are finished, they can potentially be re-used, but there’s always the writing/gaming/music/UI part which is very hard to pull off. So, we’re planning to do more “classic” stuff like comics and novel. We should be able to make a mini-comic to advertise the new game we’re making, Can’t Hold My Feelings.

4) “Will they be sporadic installments, or they will cover characters arcs?”

The main novel, Estelle, will be a proper story with a beginning and an end. In the mainwhile, we’ll do sporadic episodes in the form of games, comics and such.

5) “Thank you for all your effort, I love this new project. I just want you to know that you have my full support!”

Thank you! At this moment, we’ll gladly take all the support you can give us. 🥰🥲

6) “Going in a good direction”

I hope it so 🫡

7) “I love your work. :-)”

That’s always nice to hear 💞

8) “I really like the way the story is written, and do you plan to do more projects like these?”

I’m glad you like the written part of the project 🥰
We got our hands full with both Cymberlight and now Estelle, I don’t think we can work on anything else now. But it’s nice to switch between them 😌

9) “I am very much looking forward to its development!”

Me too!

10) “How time will be the VN take to complete and how many character growth the characters will be taking”

I don’t know what is the ETA for Estelle, honestly. I like to think it could take some years to be finished. Doing this kind of project is hard… definitely harder than I though. As for the growth of the characters, well, that’s what we do best, so you can expect plenty of it! 🥰

11) “Les deseo muchos éxitos, ojalá se haga una serie animada 📈📈📈”

That would be my dream, too…………….



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