Don’t be so hard on yourself, Cynthia. That’s the price you pay when you decide to run after idiots…

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*sigh* You know, I love these two, but my heart definitely was with Jack at this moment. Why? Cynthia at this point had a too romanticized image of Jack, because her love had arisen from the great admiration she felt for the hare; however, for the secrets that Jack keeps, there were many aspects of his personality that she did not really know but idealized. So even though her love was pure, it was too innocent. Cynthia had to face the dark side of Jack and begin to see him for what he is, that is, not only love his… Read more »

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Indeed my dear Cynthia, truth hurts as you have suggested and you also seem to know that feeling quite well, perhaps a little too well in many ways after all the things that have happened. You came to him with a simple yet ambitious goal in mind: you wanted to know the sad truth about him and now he will certainly know more about you for the same reason; you keep talking and making noise because you simply can not stand this cold silence, he has said little to nothing since this so called conversation of yours started several minutes… Read more »

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