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Clothes are too overrated for this young Princess…

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To begin with, I will leave this message here because it’s related to this story… *sigh* in some way… and to be honest, I don’t know how to bring this subject up at another time.   Yesterday I was reviewing old Twitter messages, since I realized I had lost several publications and well… let’s just say that curiosity killed the cat again. *facepalm* I saw an image that I was not expecting at all, so, after the initial shock and plugging my nose with cotton to avoid death from blood loss, I was going to leave messages there but Twitter… Read more »

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Thank you for answering my message. ♥♥♥ Jack is always a fascinating character for me, precisely due to the fact that he’s not only an individual who seeks to get out of the stereotypes in which he has been pigeonholed, he also constantly fights against his own nature and that puts a particular twist to the story. If I were a psychologist at the GSD, Jack would probably be one of the most beloved, challenging and troubling agents under my supervision; now more than ever, because finally he’s reaching breaking point. He needs help but our beloved hare is very… Read more »


My face when I got to that last panel – I laughed out loud XD!!!
Also, you are Italian; oh my goodness!! I aspire to have the same extensive level of fluency that you do in a foreign language!!
My goodness, it makes me so excited, because I’m studying to be able to do the same!
(it’s simply one of the many reasons you ladies are an inspiration to me ^ ^)




Ah yes the negotiator

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