☾YMBERLIGHT, chapter 1 [UPDATE 07/09/2019]

The moment of truth is approaching fast…

You can properly watch the new gallery by selecting ☾YMBERLIGHT > COMIC from the menu, or simply go here: GALLERY

(NOTE: if you have questions regarding the new graphic style, it might be useful to take a look at this post: ABOUT ☾YMBERLIGHT’S RESTYLING)

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Gage M.

IM SO EXCITED!!! I am somewhat confused tho, probably because im retarded😂. This is supposed to be based off of your comic “J” right? And I thought J was a sequel to “Black Jack”(I believe that’s the name. i haven’t been here very long and the comic is very hard to find). And since Black Jack has been gone for awhile since you guys wanted to get away from the Zootopia stuff, and “J” is it’s sequel and called a “Pilot”, then what exactly is Cymberlight? Both of the comics before Cymberlight are now both non canon, Black Jack being… Read more »


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