About ☾YMBERLIGHT’s restyling

Hi everyone,
very soon we’ll begin the publication of ☾YMBERLIGHT, our official comic telling the story of Jack Turner and Cynthia Walker, consequently excluding the production of more spinoff comics from now on.

During the making of the pages, we have reached some conclusions, both on a graphic and narrative level, and now we wish to share them with our most affectionate readers so that they don’t get confused while reading our new product for the first time. PLEASE NOTE: most of the changes that have occurred are visual and coincide with the natural growth and evolution of Rem, the designer. The facts regarding the background and development of the characters are not affected by these changes. However, stories that refer to “deprecated” visual details of the characters may present slight inconsistencies. Unfortunately, these stories are unlikely to be edited retroactively.

In short, animals in this comic have been further anthropomorphized compared to our previous works, which means:

    • more human limbs. All the characters will have five fingers, arms and legs will look basically human. From now on, on a narrative level, we’ll refer to them by using the generic terms “hands” and “feet” for every type of animal;
    • animals always wear footwear on their feet, with rare exceptions;
    • animals that are less likely to be anthropomorphized (elephants, hippos, massive animals in general) will be depicted in such a way as to resemble the “massive human” model;
    • females have more or less prominent breasts according to their species, age and personal physical conformation, as it holds true for real women;

These graphic changes affect all our characters, old and new. Furthermore, in the specific case of Jack Turner, the following change will be introduced:

  • the striped pattern that characterized Jack since his first appearance, and that caused us a lot of trouble, will be treated as if it had never existed. This means that in Cymberlight, from now on, whenever we narrate episodes from Jack’s past, the mentioned pattern will be replaced with another “original pattern”. Again, this means that, on a graphic level, the old striped pattern will be officially invalidated.

It would be too costly to include this graphic modification in all our old comics and drawings, so no change will be made to what is included in the ☾YMBERLIGHT:PROTOTYPE series. Therefore, we ask you to consider this change as nothing more than a graphic evolution of the designer. In the case of stories that make explicit reference to his striped pattern, they will be modified or removed from the canon timeline. Every other narrative content, both novels and comics, will retain its canonical value, for the pattern on Jack’s face has never influenced the background and development of the characters.

That’s what awaits you. If you don’t like the sound of it, feel free to stop following us, but please refrain from making a fuss under our work.
Anyway, be aware that nothing about the essence of our characters will change. Jack will always be Jack, with or without stripes, with four or five fingers, etcetera. Same goes for every other character, because none of them has never been bound to their appearance.

Hope you’ll understand and be able to enjoy ☾YMBERLIGHT.

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Gage M

So excited for this. Wish I saw this update sooner. Not so happy about the finger things and more human like features, but that’s your choice and im just bein picky🙃. Anyways, glad that you guys are evolving and im really glad for Cymberlight. Do we have a release date yet, or is it just “coming soon…”.


Hi there. First of all, your works are great, both of the drawing and storyline. But, I feel a little bit of disappointed and loose some passion to continue reading the comics after “the restyling”. This happened before to me when you guys annouced that your work were no longer part of the zootopia fandom. I really wanted to see Judy, Nick, Savage and Cynthia together at some point, but I gussed my expectation didn’t come true. And the anthropomorphization thing, I think things are already great the way they were. But, hey, it’s your work, you can do whatever… Read more »


Hi! First, I completely support your choice because it’s your world, so, it has your rules. Second, I think this will benefit a lot your work, because it will create a bigger distance with certain graphic details that used to keep it chained to certain characters. I admire your work immensely; the storytelling and the graphics never cease to amaze me and I follow you because of your talent, not because your stories are related to certain brand. Whatever you are willing to produce in the future, I’ll definitely be excited to check it. The only thing that I will… Read more »

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