The Easter Bunnies, bonus page: a feast of flesh

So, this is the last page of the Easter AU, made especially for higher tiers on Patreon.
As you can see, it’s quite fanservice-y, to the point the abovementioned site forced us to make our channel for 18+ audience… yes, just for this page alone.

We remind you that this take on the characters is heavily influenced by the fact this is an AU story. So, you’re seeing them in a different light – wheter they’re still IC or not is something you’ll eventually learn and judge when Cymberlight is out.
Still, hope you liked it!

You can properly watch the new gallery by selecting GALLERY > SPECIAL ILLUSTRATIONS > THE EASTER BUNNIES from the menu, or simply go here: GALLERY

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Myles Wesley Kent

He better appreciate how lucky he is!

Gage M

This was great guys. Nice little AU to help us keep on going until Cymberlight. So excited for that by the way. I have one question, and sorry for asking because you guys have probably already explained it, why did you get out if the Zootopia fandom? I can understand some reasons why, but I don’t know the reasons you guys did. From my point of view, the Zootopia fandom can be toxic at times, and not like new ideas. Most of the time they just want WildeHopps. Anyways, if you guys could answer that, that would be pretty cool.… Read more »

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