FurryTails – Buying you

The white vixen of this AU seems to hate being dressed…
…Actually, the canon Cynthia also is much more comfortable when she’s naked. It’s just that she wasn’t given many occasions to be naughty… yet.

For now, you can learn more about this younger (and less constipated) version of Cynthia here.

(This is our side-project, FurryTails. Find more about it here!)

The Easter Bunnies, bonus page: a feast of flesh

So, this is the last page of the Easter AU, made especially for higher tiers on Patreon.
As you can see, it’s quite fanservice-y, to the point the abovementioned site forced us to make our channel for 18+ audience… yes, just for this page alone.

We remind you that this take on the characters is heavily influenced by the fact this is an AU story. So, you’re seeing them in a different light โ€“ wheter they’re still IC or not is something you’ll eventually learn and judge when Cymberlight is out.
Still, hope you liked it!

You can properly watch the new gallery by selectingย GALLERY > SPECIAL ILLUSTRATIONS > THE EASTER BUNNIES from the menu, or simply go here:ย GALLERY