Winter chibis!

So, it appears that Rem made these two chibi version of Cynthia and Jack, and… forgot about them for a month. Which is quite a shame, given how outrageously cute they are. Ah, such pain and suffering.
Please enjoy them! 💛💙

You can find this illustration by selecting GALLERY > ARTWORKS from the menu.


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They are so ADORABLE!!!! They look cute and relaxed, like enjoying a lazy sunday at home. Definitely relationship goals! They are having tea and cookies, well, I can bet he’s drinking the tea and she’s stealing all the cookies. *chuckle* And I can see a new background! ♥♥♥ *sigh* Lovely bella notte? Maybe a romantic dinner because of Miss Fluffy’s birthday? Gorgeous couple, as always. Getting use to Jack’s new face. He definitely looks younger, well, actually now he looks more like his age, his stripes used to add a couple of years to his face or maybe it’s just… Read more »

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