it’s the first time we show Cynthia’s apartment! It’s located in a nicer district than Jack’s one even though the two neighborhoods are not particularly far from each other. We are planning to provide a paper version of Cymberlight sooner or later and among the various extras the map of Portanova could be included, so that you can have a clearer idea of the city and the places where our characters live 😊.

You can properly watch the new gallery by selecting ☾YMBERLIGHT > COMIC from the menu, or simply go here: GALLERY

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Smaller than I expected

Gopatich Troll

Is feedback appreciated?


Feedback is appreciated, however, the story was planned to have a slow start and we can do pretty much nothing about that. Plot will eventually be developed, but it’ll take time.
Always bear in mind that this is a free comic; we make it because we like it, so if people think it’s not worth the reading, be it so. You can always come back in a year and see what’s changed. Nodoby forces anyone to keep reading a comic which doesn’t seem to engage the audience. 😆


Alright then, how much chapters can be expected if this is only a start?


Btw! Did Cyntia go to Jack’s place “TO HAVE SOME POTATO CHIPS AND TO START A SCANDAL” (Reference to “They Live”)


In addition, ever heard of Victor Tsoi? A famous musician infamous for his depressing songs. Long story short, if you enjoy making comics with depressing atmospheres then I respect your decision. Yet some advice, depressive stuff will never be immortal (tried it myself). Stick to comedy & adventure in the future.

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