We may unlock new characters until the end of our days, probably. You may feel a slight familiarity with someone you have seen before…
Did you find this interlude about Cynthia’s family situation, indeed this underlying theme of family ties, interesting? as much as it is a passing chapter, I really enjoyed making it and especially appreciated the (correct) feelings it aroused in some of you. 💛💙

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I really did enjoy the “family ties” moments, and I really wish Cynthia stayed for dinner. 😔


She has plans.
Plans to kill Jack, that is.


I wish, that way her and William could have a great life together!! 😁


Stella has a brother?!


That’s right!


Jack is very self-contained throughout all the comics, plots (Except for Fluffy Tails), constantly frowning.What is the reason for this? Does he have any mental disorders? (depression maybe? ) At what age did he start his adult life? (Without father and mother) Will we ever see Jack’s father?As I know, his mother died.

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Poor Cecilia… poor girl just wants to listen to her play piano.

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I loved seeing a little more about Cynthia’s family life. It helps to get to know her better. The poor thing has a lot to think about right now. Picking up on someone else’s comment, being honest, it sometimes seems that Will would be a better partner for Cynthia. Despite that, I find it hard to conceive that – even if she were to forget Jack – she could fall in love with Will. As special as he is, if he hasn’t managed to win her over to date, I highly doubt he will later on. There are people who… Read more »


Thanks for the reply!!! ♥♥♥   Sorry, long post coming! ^^’ Elaborating a little more my opinion, based on what I perceive and without knowing if I’m right. The truth is that I have never considered Jack someone toxic. Despite that, even if an individual is not toxic, they can become part of toxic relationships — unintentionally or unknowingly — to themselves or to others. Jack is just a complicated being and he is not someone easy to love. As you have said, he is someone who tends to sabotage himself.   He has made many sacrifices to become who… Read more »

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