Finally, here we are with the last pages of chapter 6.
This publication didn’t go exactly as planned, since we believed we could be faster in delivering content. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. Sorry about that. 😥

The graphic part of Chapter 7 is just finished and it will be available here pretty soon!

As usual, thank you for still being with us. We never take that for granted.

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From the first chapter. That person in the raincoat. It was Stella! Something tells me that finding the corpse must’ve really spooked her.


It was a very interesting twist that Stella is the owner of the yellow raincoat. However, that raises even more questions. What was her relationship with the deceased? Did she find out about the death because she knew the individual or was carrying out a work mission? Are her superiors informed of her involvement in the case or is it a secret? And also, could she provide more clues to solve this mystery? Her words at the end can mean a lot of things… Questions and more questions.

I love your work! ♥


It’s like everytime a chapter ends, the plot gets thicker. I’m so hyped for the next chapter!
Oh, and I always find Cynthia cuter in glasses, just like in chapter 4 XD.

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