Finally, Cynthia will achieve her long-awaited goal: the murder of Jack (Savage) Turner. How will the killing go? Will there be witnesses? Only time will tell…

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*snort* It’s so hilarious to know that every male, no matter his species, is always terrified by his partner’s anger. I love the look of annoyance on his face as he tries to scare her off and she responds with a more murderous look! LOL! You can’t win Jack! Reading these pages again got me thinking… If we assume that the novels and comics in the story line are still valid for Cymberlight and taking into account what Cynthia said to Jack when she sent him to hell in White Noise; I wonder since when did Jack’s self-destructive thinking begin?… Read more »


Ah. What games we as characters in this grand theater that is life play amongst ourselves in the wings of the theater that are our minds. What scenarios and fictional things we tell ourselves are the direct results of our actions to create a sense of control. What things we tell ourselves we can do to prevent the unforseen to occur. Is it a shield to protect those we love? Or is it an excuse to hide from the acceptance of our failures. Thus causing us to remain stagnant. Yet we have forgotten that the LORD has given and the… Read more »

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Man she’s sooo pissed. What’s Jack eating, is that some kind of soup?


Hooray! How will she kill him? Also I have 2 questions about Lilia Kowalski
1. How old is Lilia and does she really sympathize for Cynthia because in the 4th chapter it sounded like she was blaming her for the mission going down hill.
2. Does she know that Cynthia is Gregory’s adopted daughter

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could someone please explain to me… what just happened?I’m a little confused.


What you do not understand?
Maybe you should read again the previous chapters to refresh your memory. 🙂


Murder? I am a little bit confused.


*uncontrollable laughter* never mind, I just figured out how the timeline fits together


this should be interesting (unless some things are going to be decannonized)

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