That ONE thing Jack has been trying to hide for all this time is finally about to be exposed. Jack himself is about to be exposed. Will he endure the shame?

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I knew it! I knew you guys would cut the chapter right then and there! LOL! I love Jack for the drama queen he is sometimes, and it’s to recognize that he is able to admit fault and ask for forgiveness when he has made mistakes. Although the thought of having a ‘proper’ conversation between them is terrifying to him, I doubt he expected how proper it would turn out to be in the end. He never imagined that Cynthia would be able to get the ‘information’ she hopes to finally discuss with him. Danger, Jack Turner! Danger! Definitely much… Read more »

bring it on.jpg

That top panel, on the top page is just awesome. Including Jack’s reaction😂


The questions is now : how much did she know and since when excatly ?


Whoa… that is really high. Cynthia’s response as “maybe” killed me 🤣😂. Also she knows what happened 4 years back. This is making me anxious but in a good way. Also a question that just came to mind. how old is Maria and Isaac?

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And how big exactly is Portanova, is it as big as New York? Also what country would it be located in, I know it’s a fictional city. I’m just curious.

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