A stark, sad, frustrating truth for our Jack–did you guys get a sense of what happened during this mission? And let’s say this is just the tip of the iceberg, there will be more details that we look forward to developing in the future.

Thank you all for your patience and kindness in spite of everything (which we never take for granted) 💛💙.

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This part was particularly painful for me. Jack’s feelings have always been somewhat confusing to him, mostly because he has never wanted to fully acknowledge his feelings for Cynthia, for various reasons. It has always been too scary for him. However, despite his refusal to admit out loud the depth of his feelings for the little fox, at least deep inside he knows it and it must have been horrible to fall into the void and know that there was not the slightest chance of saving the most important being in his life. His heartbreaking scream at the end says… Read more »


Did that bear have a full on canon for a hand? Also they look so cool in their suits. And about your new comic on Patreon, which is named Ambers, who is it about, is it maybe Cynthia’s origin or is it about someone else?


Allright, I can’t stay quiet any longer. Why is everyone dressed so futuristically in these flashbacks? In most previous comics GSD agents have usually been decked out in black bodysuits and harnesses, or at least something similar to what a modern tactical team would wear. But these outfits are a little bit unexpected, and intriguing. My best guess is that they are somehow a part of the herbivore enhancement program since they look so advanced. But then if cynthia is using one, wouldn’t that mean that she was in on the project as well as Jack. This would seem to… Read more »


Hi! Your theories are good and I just want to add a few thoughts as a way to share ideas on the same topics.   I think it is necessary to keep in mind that Cymberlight marks a new format in many things related to this universe. To a certain extent, the new art style of the comic involved a renewal of the entire series, so it seems obvious to me that there will be several visual changes.   In the case of the suits, it is obvious that not only the GSD agents, but also their enemies, were wearing… Read more »


Ahh, you’re right. I didn’t think about the fact that cynthia is technically a carnivore. Although i think that the technology that is being used in these pages is still not available to the public in this universe, seeing as most of the technology we have seen outside of these pages in a civilian context appears to be at the the same level as ours . it seems that the GSD may have simply been rewritten to become more of a super advanced spy organization rather than a simple private intelligence or security agency along with the general restying of… Read more »

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