FurryTails – A failure of a Princess

You haven’t heard of FurryTails in a long time, I know. But we’re at it again!

If you wonder what Jack is sorry for, check out the new page on Patreon. This way you will be able to read all the other pages, too! 🤗

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Hello, yes, it’s me again. Sorry! I’m leaving this here because probably very few people will see it *snort* Less witnesses to my shame. Oh, how the mighty have fallen! *blush* LOL!  So, alternative universes could be crazy and very interesting sometimes. Jack exists in several universes and if I remember correctly, as far as I know, he is an agent, a bounty hunter, a prisoner, a fairy, a pet bat, a professor and an Easter bunny… the image of the last one is giving me some difficulties… The problem with vivid imagination is that sometimes certain ideas won’t leave… Read more »

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