Many of our readers already know who we are, what we do and why we do it; however, you may also have stumbled upon this site without knowing a single thing about us, and even less about our main comic, ☾YMBERLIGHT.

We started as fan-artists about 4 years ago. Then, as we kept working on characters belonging to someone else, we progressively introduced original characters in our stories. Eventually – very soon, actually – we grew so fond of them that we decided to take our characters away from the fan-comic we were working on, and develop their original stories instead: this is what we call ☾YMBERLIGHT:PROTOTYPE today.

This part of the series is a “prototype” in that it’s still partially linked to the fan-comics we did in the beginning. The art style, some characters’ interactions and behaviors are more or less influenced by this context. We still like to think of them like a canon part of the story, just told “differently”; however, the connection with the fan-comic is undeniable and, as such, it inconvenienced us.

For this very reason, we decided to start over with a comic that would sustain itself without this “prototype”, so that people could appreciate the story without knowing about these unripe comics, and the fan-comic they were inspired from (this is why this PSA exists).
In short, that’s exactly what ☾YMBERLIGHT is: the original, complete (love) story of two Agents, Jack Turner (former Savage) and Cynthia Walker, working for the same Agency in an anthropomorphic world. Unfortunately, and despite all of our efforts, many people still read us because they are convinced this is a fan-comic, and we still haven’t found a way to clear up the misconception – that is, assuming these people want to be corrected.

In the PROTOTYPE series, we told Jack and Cynthia’s past in various comics and short novels; in ☾YMBERLIGHT, we finally talk about their present. Everything you learned about these two through the old comics still stands, and it’s precisely what the present is built on. This is why the timeline of the events is so precise and essential, and why we still recommend you to read every piece of official media we produced to have a better understanding of the full picture, even though they’re just a prototype of ☾YMBERLIGHT.

We realize it’s an ambitious project, maybe too big for two amateurs like us, but working on it always fills us with joy, and that’s what matters the most. Every reader who discovers and appreciates our work without bias does nothing but corroborate our decisions, and confirm this is the right path for us.

And we hope you are one of them. 💕