PUBLICATION: Where I want to stand

Finally, here it is! The comic “Where I want to stand” is now available on our website. You can find more information about it in this old post. Keep scrolling if you want to read it, or just click here to see the new gallery.



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Oops! Silly me! I forgot the soundtrack!

A thing about you – Roxette.
Crush – David Archuleta
Can’t help falling in love – Elvis


AAAAAAAA, I love Crush by David Archuleta hehe *^-^*
I’m going to have to go listen to it now-


Cynthia was so adorable and squeezable! *chuckle* First. I guess it was unavoidable for William to fall in love with her, but this is a confirmation that he has known from the start who was in Cycy’s heart. Realization hit hard? It’s more hurtful. He probably has been waiting for a long time for her heart to change. I wonder also, how much of Jack’s feeling has he been able to glimpse. It’s heartbreaking.*sigh* He deserves better. Sorry, sweet boy. Not happening… Can I steal him? He deserves someone to simply adore him. Second. Hmmm… Fascinating… is it me or… Read more »


Can I steal him?
Why did that actually make me burst out laughing when I got to it
You are right about William though XD


By the way, another lovely and insightful post, always a pleasure to hear your thoughts and musings on these things.
I appreciate your love for William as well, considering I share it. His situation is unfortunate, and since you cannot steal him-
I hope someone else the story can be a love in his life as you said.


Cynthia was such a fangirl in the beginning… I don’t even blame her.
I’m the same exact way honestly, haha ^ ^

jack’s hair tho-


Oh, yeah! That hair! I felt exactly the same! ♥ *chuckle*


Hehe ^-^


Also, William has some loooooonnggg legs
They tRied to put William on the cover of VogUe but his legs were TOOOOO LONG~
legs, legs, WHAT’S ON THE MENU?
legs, legs, WHAT’S ON THE MENU??
legs, legs WHAT’S ON THE MENU??? ….

Last edited 2 years ago by Ookami

I see we both belong to William fan club!!! xD


Yesss! xD


Yes!!! It’s here! I read it on patreon last time and now I’m finally able to leave a comment. But that will be later, this pages hold very interesting information. ❤😘


En la última página Jack se ve tan lindo. Si Jack me mira como mira a Cynthia en esa página me derrito jsjsjsjsjsj 🤰🏻❤️

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