These are the last pages of the 4th chapter. As we wrote some days ago, the entire chapter 5 is already available on Gumroad for 1.50$.
That really was a roller coaster of feelings, wasn’t it? The next one will be no less. We hope to get to the “spy stuff” as soos as possible, though… 😇

You can properly watch the new gallery by selecting ☾YMBERLIGHT > COMIC from the menu, or simply go here: GALLERY
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Holy cow! Dude! Wait! What?! Wait a minute!
All those pages felt like bullets directly to my heart and all these emotions almost kill me!!!
I’ve been sick lately so I’ve been able to check the page more often, going to give you another long post later but right now I just had to say something…
Going nuts here! LOL!
Breathe girl! Breathe! >_<

agitado-ansioso (1).gif

So, hello again ♥ First of all, thank you so much for sharing so many pages at the same time, you almost give me a heart attack but you made me very happy. ♥♥♥  Now returning to this epic moment… The rollercoaster of emotions was beautifully portrayed in these pages. Heartbreaking! I love them!  My poor girl. My heart hurt. Literally! I just wanted to be able to hug her and let her cry a river in my arms.  Yes, ridiculous hope. Because deep down you know our favorite idi*t is worth it, no matter how much we want to… Read more »

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“”” I just couldn’t wait to ask you out tonight for dinner””” *facedesk* *sigh* those words cut so deep, for so many reasons!!!… William is so bloody perfect it hurts. I’m so sorry Cynthia can’t love him as he deserves… Handsome, attentive, sweet, supportive, balanced… I could probably keep listing his virtues for a long time, but, I suppose some females love the romantic idea of saving an idi*t and keeping the good guys in the friend zone… 
^^^ THIS (T_T)


Also, Why-Annie Lennox – this is good stuff! Thank you for sharing ^ ^


All these songs have been great actually… Thank you Lilliux79 ^-^
They work so beautifully with the story.


Hi! Thank you! I’m glad you liked the little soundtrack. Good stories deserve good music. I must admit this is the first time someone else’s work made me want to create a soundtrack for their stories, it just happened. Music seems to bring out the intensity of the character’s emotions. I have enjoyed reading fan fiction for over 20 years and never found a story that caught my interest like this one. You can find great writers and great graphic designers, but to be able to find them working together is definitely hitting the jackpot. It’s rare to find that… Read more »


Me encanta leer varias páginas seguidas, las emociones son mucho más fuertes y más duraderas. Definitivamente Rem tiene mucho talento, sus dibujos son tan bonitos y el diseño de los personajes lo es aún más. Cynthia es bellísima y Jack es tremendamente simpático. Esta historia avanza de forma algo lenta pero segura y sobre todo muy hermosa. Soy consciente de que vamos a tener que esperar mucho para ver algo de romance entre ambos, pero lo que más quiero y no puedo esperar para ver es un abrazo entre ellos. Ni idea de por qué quiero tanto verlos abrazarse, siento… Read more »


Creo que liberaron varias páginas juntas precisamente por eso, para que pudiéramos disfrutar el sentimiento de un solo golpe. Una de las cosas que amo de esta historia es la complejidad de sus personajes. El abrazo es muy esperado, pero como bien dices falta un poco para que se concrete. Aún no estoy segura si su amor iniciará primero con nuestro chico aceptando un vínculo de amistad o se concretará como un romance de una vez, pues en este momento su relación es bastante tensa. Por los malos entendidos entre ellos y ciertos secretos, me inclino por lo primero, necesitan… Read more »




The moon pendant is both a blessing and a curse, it can bring you joy but also great sorrow; but above everything else, this amulet happens to be the key you will need to unlock his true nature, you will indeed have another chance in a more or less distant future and you better be just ready for it when the time comes; but until then my dear Cynthia, this encounter with him has left you mentally hurt and these wounds need a change of scenery to be healed, said change seems to come in the form of an old… Read more »


It is like a deep stake in my heart. Narrative is a beautiful thing about each author, this is an example. It would certainly go well with a bit of “The 1975.”

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How can you go from breaking my heart on one page to making me giggle in literally the next.
I love this ^ ^

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