“If I could 

Maybe I’d give you my world 

How can I 

When you won’t take it from me”

(Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way)

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Ouch! That hurt! Told you so, big boy. And yes, she is wrong in certain things she said, but… Can you blame her for thinking that way? Can you blame everybody for thinking that way? You have the right to have a private life, darling, but living inside a safe box and keeping everything to yourself isn’t good either. So, yes. Misery indeed. You can only blame yourself for all the misunderstandings. You are reaping what you sowed, sweetheart. Next time, when life gives you a chance for love and happiness, take it. Don’t be stupid, Jack. Don’t’ waste it.… Read more »


He will enjoy neither of them because he can barely feel anything at all my dear Cynthia; your mind may have rejected him for good after getting denied and rejected these many times, but your heart sings a different tune indeed. I am really sorry my dear, but right now you are the one escaping, not him; he will remain there as always while you battle against your own feelings, life always has a way of making us strong enough to keep going despite all odds, but such strength is not free and always comes with a terribly painful high… Read more »


My dear Cynthia… It’s so painful to see you like this… in some things you are right, but in others … *sigh*… Rumors always exists, it´s obvious if the aforementioned generates so much admiration, interest and envy; and also logical, if said person prefers to keep his private affairs and does not give a damn about denying rumors. To some extent what they say makes sense. Our Little Flame lives under a secrecy that no one has the slightest idea of ​​his true personality, because he’s in charge of keeping everyone at arm’s length, serious, asocial, surly, direct or even… Read more »

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