☾YMBERLIGHT, chapter 5 is on sale on Gumroad

We’re aware that we didn’t even finish the current publication on the website, but… fifth chapter of ☾YMBERLIGHT in HD is now available on Gumroad with a starting price of 1.50$.
For more information, please visit the original post on Patreon.


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Loved reading this chapter! I love the depth you two put into these characters. Keep up the amazing work and I’m looking forward to reading chapter 6.


thank you so much!🙏❤


Hello, my darlings! I have a question and I guess this time will be for Rem. Is that so or is it just my impression that the characters now have slightly more standardized heights, regardless of what mammal they are? In the first chapter Jack and Cynthia looked much smaller compared to other characters, but in the remaining chapters I get the impression that they are not, or is it just the fact that the mammals with whom they have been in contact have a size more similar to them? Or on the contrary, will the variation in heights be… Read more »


Hi Liliux, I thank you as always for your kindness and the iconicity of your comment lies in the fact that you bombed me first quotes from Shrek then Shakira and I flew into hyperuranium, a one-way trip. I’ll answer you now: yes, when we decided to anthropormofize our characters even more by giving them almost human bodies, we established that even the sizes had to be resized. let’s say that there are quite strong size differences in this animalistic society, however they don’t respect the real size of the animals that are represented, there are small animals such as… Read more »


Thanks for the quick reply, Remy! ♥ That’s what I understood the first time you posted the explanation that the characters would be anthropomorphize even more, but I wasn’t sure of the height after the first Cymberlight chapter was released. And about the publications, I think I will be able to buy most of your work at Christmas. I hope to have higher income at the end of the year, not that I am bankrupt at the moment, but every dollar counts in my finances because all the expenses that I have at the moment, due to my mother’s health.… Read more »

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