Coming soon: ☾ymberlight

For a long time I wondered what title would suit the comic we were going to make; in the end, I came up with this name: CYMBERLIGHT.

It has a meaning, of course, but you’ll discover it when the right time comes. All you need to know for now is that Cymberlight will be our main comic, and everything else will be collected under the name of Cymberlight:Prototype. This means that both the COMICS section and the NOVELS section have been moved under CYMBERLIGHT > CYMBERLIGHT:PROTOTYPE, which can be accessed from the usual menu.
Thus, if you want a name to refer to Jack and Cynthia’s adventures, “Cymberlight” is the deal.

I already wrote the summary for the first volume, and we’re currently working on the first chapter. It’ll be a long, although regular, way, and we hope to keep going until the very end.

See you soon!