☾YMBERLIGHT, chapter 1 [UPDATE 07/30/2019]

Things aren’t exactly nice between Jack and Cynthia. He doesn’t want Cynthia to take care of him, and his slightly depressed attitudine is indication of a even bigger problem. Is Cynthia prepared to what awaits her? This is the first time she witnesses such an attitude on Jack’s part…

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(NOTE: if you have questions regarding the new graphic style, it might be useful to take a look at this post: ABOUT ☾YMBERLIGHT’S RESTYLING)

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Oh, Dear. This is the moment when Cynthia will realize what it means to love someone completely, loving someone even when they are not lovable at all. It’s going to be a challenge to deal with a depressed Jack. To have the maturity and clarity of mind to deal with a depressed person is not easy at all. Jack will resist with tooth and claws against her best intentions. Jack feels miserable, one of the things he hates the most is the “weak” part of being a prey. He has fought all of his existence against his nature. He was… Read more »

Gage M

Damn, Jack doesn’t look to good, and he’s reading Cynthia like a book. Hope things gets worked out between them, which always does happen eventually.

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