☾YMBERLIGHT, chapter 1 [UPDATE 08/01/2019]

They never had a simple relationship, we’ve already seen that a number of times in the old comics. So, Cynthia is right when she thinks Jack despises her. But Howard seems to have a better understanding of the whole situation, Jack’s mental state included, and he wants Cynthia to consider the hare’s behavior from a different angle…

You can properly watch the new gallery by selecting ☾YMBERLIGHT > COMIC from the menu, or simply go here: GALLERY

(NOTE: if you have questions regarding the new graphic style, it might be useful to take a look at this post: ABOUT ☾YMBERLIGHT’S RESTYLING)

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Gage M

Looks like Jack might be dealing with PTSD or something like that. Looks like he doesnt want to show Cynthia that something is wrong with him. Hope he figures things out! Keep up the good work guys.

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