He’s never going to say you’re wrong, Cynthia. Not because you’re not, but because it would cost him more than he can pay.
One day, you’ll know…

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You want to be proven wrong because you fear the truth my dear Cynthia and now you are once again daring to ask another question that could easily shape your future within seconds; it was one thing to get hints from Gregory and then from Lilia, but Jack is the source and now you will discover more than what you originally desired. You are both agents and share similar duties, but it seems to be that Jack is one the few who has faced fear and lived another day to tell the tale to those lucky enough to hear it;… Read more »


Ah, how sneaky. Looks like Cynthia’s scarf opened to reveal the necklace Jack gave her so long ago. She truly cares so much for him. It’s painful to watch her suffer like this, I feel so bad for Cynthia.


I wonder if that’s why Jack looked away when was looking down.


Good point!


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Yeah, exactly what I thought… Nothing is completely black or white, honey. One day you will finally learn, sweet girl.


…So it’s Jack Savage after all? This makes it a fan-story then with your OC… Even if he was just a concept character, I don’t think it’s right to call him yours and make money off of someone else’s concept character. Unless you got the rights of him now… Also… This comic got great art but the story is a bit all over the place. I have no idea what’s going on anymore. Their relationship is all over the place (to be honest they don’t seem like they really like each other), they behave more like teenagers than adults (despite… Read more »

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The internet is a democratic tool, if you don’t like what you get for free (yes, because we don’t take your money) from a site you choose to visit, you can travel to other platforms where you can find something that can satisfy your refined tastes.
Auf Wiedersehen 😘


” their relationship is kind of all over the place” yeah that’s kind of the point. It’s called a STORY?


did you just compare a fan comic made by two women to an anime with a full-fledged animation team and story team???

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huh, make them understand. Among other things, they brought for example two shonen, when it’s clear that it’s not the genre of Cymberlight, nor have we ever defined it as such. If we want to enter specifically, for me these two mangas (of which I only know the concept but I never read them so I cannot judge the storytelling) are graphically impeccable, above all one punch man, who has an extraordinary care for anatomy and details. If they had taken aot as example, then maybe it made sense but those two just…. it’s only evident that there is an… Read more »


Oh wow! I didn’t expect you to actually allow my comments on them since they need to be “reviewed” which often translates to “Nope”. Nice to see that’s not the case… though why have that in the first place? Hm… I guess your angry response does make sense, I was told I was too rude after all, so I apologize for that. Though to go over your points: I think you didn’t understand why I brought up these two examples, though I dunno how because even explained it, but I both Mob Psycho 100 and One Punch Man aren’t drawn… Read more »


Hey just wanted to say that I read the perspectives and opinions that you gave and I just want to say that I really value them. After reading my past replies I had realized that I just instantly jumped to conclusions not thinking of the message you were trying to give. So I’m sorry for the aggression I gave to you. You did not deserve any of what I gave.


No problem, you’re probably close to that person and just wanted to defend your friend. That’s why i never responded anyway, I never took issue with you and you don’t need to apologize. Your emotions are valid and understandable from a social aspect. To be fair I expected so much more responds calling me out or whatever. So this was not that bad.
Anyway thanks and stay awesome.


we think it is unfair to silence negative comments. Unfortunately I can’t give you a technical answer, because it’s not my field, however the approval system allows us to better organize the comments section and avoid out-of-context spam under each post. We have always read and approved everything we have received from users. Often, the problem is not having a different opinion from ours or the willingness to make a criticism, but the ways and tones with this is exposed. It seems superfluous to point out that it’s always good to consider that the recipient is a perfect stranger whose… Read more »


Oh! Sorry for the late respond. I thought you wouldn’t respond anymore and I hadn’t come by for a while. I dunno why, but I thought I checked if there was a respond or not and I didn’t expect to see such a lengthily one too. Which I always like to see and that means you took my words into consideration, or at least it appears so. I guess it really was the tone of my first comments that was the issue here, I really need to filter myself. It’s just, I’m not someone who likes beating around the bush…… Read more »

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