“Head traumas are no joke. Because of that, your perception of reality has been altered, and it’s very difficult to keep your emotions in check. You might feel very scared, confused and angry all of sudden, and panic because of the most trivial things.”

Gregory said that

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Sergio C

“That’s not what you wanted to say, but probably was the right thing to say”.


How things should be then according to your fragile mind my dear Cynthia? You have asked and Jack has given you nothing but the truth, not his truth but the truth and that is what hurts you the most right now; this is not what your brain wanted you to say, this is what your heart wanted you to say, you may hide your feelings behind a mask of rectitude, but right now the moon pendant is crying on your behalf indeed and its tears are full of loneliness and sorrow. You may blame Gregory for keeping some things to… Read more »


Wait, what? Usually there are some visual indications of that being the thing that’s happening in comics. Here it just seems like she got angry because he didn’t visit her and I don’t see any indication that it is the result of a trauma. You also said that this Jack was not Jack Savage and yet he is. He was called Jack Turner before and the tag says Jack Turner yet previous page she called him Jack Savage, I’m confused. You also said her scar is gonna be permanent and yet it’s completely gone, it was a huge one too.… Read more »


Dunno why you open with “Are you tired of traveling?”… pretty sure it’s obvious but I don’t remember the random names I use (Just random words that kinda make sense) and just went “Eh, maybe this time but probably not”. Seriously, would had given up if this one stayed in pending forever as well. But I should had thought of the different time-zones… Oh, well. I already replied in the other comment because I would just repeat myself and I don’t think you’d want that. Though I gotta say, why are you contributing me saying my opinion/criticism as not having… Read more »


Honestly at this point I think that we should just let it go. Of course it’s a story and stories go wherever the heck they want sometimes. I’m more in it just to enjoy it because at the end of the day I know that it’s just a comic made by several people trying to have fun. Yes there may be some confusing parts and yes there might not even be a plot to begin with but that’s why this comic hasn’t concluded yet because like you said maybe they’ll be a chapter where stuff gets clearer. But hey there’s… Read more »


I guess I can agree with that, I tend to be overly analytical with these things, sometimes it’s just a person having fun and nothing else. I said my piece and that’s all there is to it. Anyway, that’s very kind and mature of you. I could learn a thing or two from you haha.
Stay safe and healthy.

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