Jack’s face in the last panel is as sharp as a knife. It hurts when she finally rejects you, right, Jack? But you brought this upon yourself.
Now, suffer without making a sound.

PS: Yes, she does call him “Savage”. That’s not a mistake from our part. 😄

You can properly watch the new gallery by selecting ☾YMBERLIGHT > COMIC from the menu, or simply go here: GALLERY

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I read the last pages again, Ouch! His eyes before and after looking at the moon pendant … and I read again “White Sound” too *sigh*. So many things have changed and many remain the same. I know certain events are different in Cymberlight and the stories don’t exactly match what it is now, but… “”” His. It was amazing how desirable it sounded for a moment and how stupid he felt for even remotely thinking it sounded desirable.”””… “”” She stepped outside, as silent as a shadow could be. However… Jack could hear something every time her feet-paws touched the… Read more »

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One of the things I love most about this story is the depth of its characters. Cynthia wears her heart on her sleeve and Jack tends to be more of a mystery. Maybe I’m thinking too much or maybe I’m reading too much on his actions. Maybe he’s just another guy unable to understand love, simply another jerk who hurts the girl he likes because he’s too stupid or too scared to open his heart. But, certain details here and there make me think that things are much more complicated than that. There is more than meets the eye. Jack… Read more »


Do you require a drawing for that Mister Savage? You wanted her to be done with you and so she is indeed; however, something tells me that she is about to do so but not in the manner you were expecting her. Considering that your listening skills leave much to be desired despite your terribly long ears, I certainly do hope that there is still something inside that peculiar skull of yours; look at her and tell us what your simple mind can take. Do you take pride in your actions during the last minutes? You have transformed what used… Read more »


¿Pero por qué le dice Savage? Alguien explique porfa. 😩😩


No estoy segura, pero no debemos olvidar que el apellido Jack siempre ha sido Turner y según como estaba planteada la historia en “Cymberlight: Prototipe”, por un tiempo él uso Savage cuando se convirtió en agente, pues parece que se separó de su familia en muy malos términos. Yo había entendido que en la historia propiamente canon eso nunca pasó, el cambio de apellido, así que quizás las autoras conservaron esa parte o hay alguna otra razón para su uso que desconozco.


¿Pero por qué le dice Savage? Alguien explique porfa. 😩😩


Ok…. woohhh
Fits hitting the shan now ._.

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