Oh yeah… a soap bubble, dear Cynthia.

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Poor Cynthia! Anyway, I think this event was partly positive, because prior to this moment her feelings were extremely idealized, but once she surpassed the crush she had on Jack, she was able to see him for who he really is and will have a more mature relationship with him for the time being.  Interesting, Cynthia’s words confirmed another key piece of information about Jack’s personality.  Our beloved hare is a workaholic, which makes him an extremely reserved and lonely character, someone who keeps people at arm’s length and if we add the information provided in “Operation Dinnertime”, he’s a mammal… Read more »

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“he sacrificed much of his life and his affections (not just Cynthia’s)”

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That tid bit aside though–
getting a small peer into Jack’s psychology, how he interacts with and copes in this world is so cool. @Liliux79’s analyses are always so thorough and thought provoking.
Plus, it is cool to have you stop by and give official commentary too, Remy. ^ ^


I am glad to know that my ramblings are appreciated and that I am not so lost in my poor deductions. And I hope I will not overstep my bounds to add something more, about how interesting it’s to know how misunderstood Jack’s character is and how much his complexity is ignored. Sometimes, exactly what you have said is overlooked, Jack is not human, therefore he cannot be judged by human standards, as his nature entails profound differences, even more, his nature has generated much self-contempt and therefore he has fought tirelessly to control, suppress, change or dominate his essence, with somewhat… Read more »


Giving up at last Miss Walker? Ready to join all the others who have addressed Jack in said manner for years? My dear Cynthia, we can understand your attitude at the moment, getting denied and rejected so many times is a fate worse than death; however, you are making the very same mistake that everyone else in this agency did: you are assuming without actually knowing. Your beloved hare is an enigma even for those who have spent years with him, like you, he does not share personal facts with his colleagues, like you do, at some point in his… Read more »

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