Uh… that hurts.

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Ouch! My poor heart! Yes and no, my little girl. That would be only evident in the future. Right now you need to be a strong girl, you need to grow up, mature and focus on yourself. He loves you, oh, because he does, even more than you could ever dream about and much more than he is willing to admit to himself right now. But there is a dark side of him you still can’t understand, something you’re not ready to handle. My sweet, innocent girl. Later, it will come the time when he face that battle, but not… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Liliux79
KyubiSage20 (Dav)

I 100% agree with @Liliux79 that at this point both Cynthia and Jack need to take a moment to moving on and look to the future. They indeed “need to grow up and mature.” Only time will tell when their paths will intertwine again. Especially for my sweetheart Cynthia, be strong and pure. “Love will be the answer at the end. Keep walking, sweetheart. I know it hurts but it will be worth it… Love as pure as yours is always worth it.” Great work🌙Four O’Clocks Art🌙, I’ve always been a fan of your stories for about 3-4 years, since… Read more »


But you would certainly love more, right Miss Walker? Would you like a medal for your achievements about deducting the obvious? Oh dear fluffy vixen of noble feelings, if only feelings in general were as simple as you portray them. Au contraire mademoiselle Aurora, it is quite sad to see how your feelings betray your reason at every turn, how he has this much power over your existence without even wanting to, how all you do is lie to yourself and the worst part is that you are wrong but in a very odd manner; for despite everything that has… Read more »

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