Well, that usb stick was a big Pandora’s box. And this is only the beginning so… stay tuned!!

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Hmmm… “Overdose of MD-027” “Hervibore enhancement program” These two points were the most important for me. It is quite painful to know, since it makes certain attitudes on his part perfectly understandable, a point that I hope to delve into later so as not to fall into spoilers to a certain extent. As expected. Before this failed mission, our boy was infamously known as ‘Savage’… Ouch! Definitely not very nice to have your true identity and past come back to bite you in the ass when you least need it and having it rubbed in your face doesn’t help at… Read more »


the GSD: how much super soldier serum did you take?


In all seriousness, I believe that Jack was the one who overdosed himself because of how guilt ridden he is about the events of the mission. I specifically think that he did so because he felt weak and inadequate in the situation at hand and felt that he needed an edge. (but if someone else is responsible I will apparate into the pages of the comic, inject myself with 300 grams of MD-027, find the person who did this, and proceed to crush them into a 1 foot by 1 foot cube before I either go into cardiac arrest or… Read more »


That was my initial assumption, however, there are things that make me doubt it. However, regardless of what the precise reason was, the result remains the same. Whether or not it was his mistake that caused his body to collapse, it was his inability to live up to the mission that triggered the most terrible consequence. In his mind, the initial cause would only change the level of guilt he felt, but it would not eliminate the guilt at all. Why? That’s a little clearer on the following pages…


Ahhhh, I see. more must be revealed


I remember when William said something about a drug that can edit an animals genomes, could this drug be the same one that Jack overdosed on?

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I can only say that it’s not wrong to assume some kind of connection exists between the two drugs…


so there are two of them, or they’re different versions of the same drug?


All it takes to have two separate drugs is to derive the second one from the first one, and that’s all I’m going to say for now 😛


I swear this is the last comment I will make on this page, but I started reading chapter one again and found and interesting little bit of information that could reveal a bit about the nature of the drug ravaging oldoor at the moment. Simply put, I found a panel that shows an image of Jack’s medical records (it’s on page four of “Ceasfire” if you want to see it for yourself), and they quarantined, specifically for suspected microbiological contamination. Now, its safe to say that siad quarentine resulted from Jack’s previous mission, and in the prolouge of “down the… Read more »


At long last, I finally finished catching up with the entire series! Looking forward to seeing what happens next…and hopefully the big reveal.

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