Happy New Year!

A bit late, but handosome Jack Turner wishes you a happy new year!

You can find this sketch by selecting GALLERY > SKETCHES from the menu.

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Oh, Meow!… ♥_♥ *cough* *almost choke with my own drool* *cough* *cough*… I mean, Wow! Hello, gorgeous!… let me just admire you from far, far away, because if I dare to get closer to you certain vixen probably will skin me alive and I appreciate my life, thank you very much… yep, I can almost feel the hatred look, only because I dared to admire private property, time to abort the mission and pretend I’m blind… guess I’ll run away while other girl call her attention for eyeing you too much… Is that girl getting closer? Did she just… ???!!!…… Read more »

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