Inappropriate Touch – a short visual novel

Hi there!

Do you remember Estelle? The project featuring Monica and Jacob? Well, here’s a little something to get to know the medium better (which is the visual novel): a game named “Inappropriate Touch”.


Jacob makes a comment on Monica’s hair, and the situation is soon out of control.


A short visual novel featuring a tall man and a little over-the-top girl, casually chatting at their workplace. 
Choose up to three ways to react to Jacob’s shyness, witness how cute he can get and how big of a menace Monica can be. The results might be… unexpected.


You can download the game by using the widget below, or simply visit the page where you can find more information about it.
The game is for Windows, Linux and Mac systems.

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I finally bought it and played it! I had never played a Visual Novel in my life, I found it an interesting experience. I have always been one of those who love to sit and watch others play, because I lack the talent to do so. At first I wasn’t even quite sure how to install it. My favorite ending was the third. I am glad that you continue with this project and that in the not too distant future you will be able to fulfill your dream of making it as complex as you wish. Keep up the great… Read more »

[…] and personality. At this rate, it is very possible that you will see some sprites for the Inappropriate Touch game. In the meantime, enjoy this silly little comic… and the special guests featuring in it. […]

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