Weak of heats for lapins in this comic…

The entire chapter 5 is already available on Gumroad for 1.50$.

You can properly watch the new gallery by selecting ☾YMBERLIGHT > COMIC from the menu, or simply go here: GALLERY
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I like Maria’s style. The first concept of her seemed to me to be slightly less edgy, based on her first appearance in ‘Bunnyboy’. In the later stories and comics we can better appreciate her somewhat punk rock style that fascinates me. She’s quite an interesting character, more so for the fact that although her personality might come off as troublesome, I doubt an agency as prestigious as the GSD would keep an agent who wasn’t efficient and intelligent, so Maria must be very special. It will be interesting to see her character development in the Cynberlight storyline.♥♥♥

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I like this comic so far. Keep up the good work. Sorry, but with this scene, I can’t help, but think the following: *Sometime Later* (Interior Maria’s Apartment, a bunch of board games are stacked on top of each other, evidence that they’ve been played.) (Maria and the Pierced Nose Rabbit sit at a table, each holding cards) (Maria throws a pair of cards down on the table in pride) Maria: “Nine to Zero. I’d say you were trying to lose on purpose. The rabbit with the pierced nose huffs in frustration. Maria: ” No worries Bunny. There’s still one… Read more »

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