And what do you know about peaches and cream, Cynthia?

Hi there. We’re almost done with Cymberlight’s final chapter, only one post left. We’re not planning to stop after that, but we did have some difficulties in the past months, as you might have already read on Patreon. Plus, there’s another project we’re working on, and a new comic happens to be almost done. Anyway, we still have some old material to publish here, so let’s see how things will go.

Like Cynthia said… I’m sure we’ll manage. 😄

You can properly watch the new gallery by selecting ☾YMBERLIGHT > COMIC from the menu, or simply go here: GALLERY
Alternatively… keep scrolling! 😉


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These pages are a real gem and I think they are my favorite of the whole comic. The words and expressions inadvertently summarize their entire relationship. Cynthia’s fresh, stubborn and adorable attitude that subconsciously makes Jack see that she has deep feelings for him and therefore she will continue to fight for his love, even if he resists being loved. I particularly love the way he looks at her, as you can perceive that characteristic depth in him and the intensity of his feelings. The longing, pain, love and sadness mixed in a single look when in a few simple… Read more »


Last time I was told something like this, I had a slap on my cheek.
Hope this time would going to be different…


Somebody please tell me he was trying to flirt with her

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