[Estelle – Comic] ★ Do My Hair

Hello, everyone!

It’s been a while since our last creative endeavor featuring Monica and Jacob, the premier characters of Estelle, our second significant project alongside CYMBERLIGHT. But now, we’re excited to announce a new 7-page comic about them.

“Do My Hair” is an adaptation of a small part of the visual novel Can’t Hold My Feelings. To be precise, it shows the moment right before everything goes south in the story, with some expected, yet much appreciated developments.

As always, Monica is an overwhelming force to reckon with and Jacob can only attempt to endure her tremendous power… unless something happens which leaves Monica defenseless. You will need to read the novel (when it’s completed) to know how the night unfolds. Or, rather, in how many ways it will depending on your choices. For now, you just enjoy this little comic.

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Hmmm… a lot of interesting details in the new comic… mainly the fact that there is already some kind of close relationship between them. One detail that I loved is Monica’s appearance. She looks like a beautiful porcelain doll in that dress and in another image her face is so beautiful that she only needs the pointed ears to look like an elf. It will be interesting to know not only how they became ‘friends’ and even more, what will happen next… ♥♥♥


Go to horny jail

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