Happy birthday, Jack! (2019)

September 21 is our dearest hare’s birthday! We deeply thank Rem for this wonderful illustration, featuring a mysterious white arm with a… ringed hand? Mh, that’s a little fishy.

The mug says, “I love hot chocolate”. We can’t help but wonder whose mug it is…
Also, be careful, white hand! You’re spilling some dark beverage on Jack! What if he gets all wet and dirty and has to change clothes?

Ah wait… maybe that’s the plan…

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Gage Marshall

Happy birthday Jack! I’ve been with you guys since the beginning of the year now and it’s been wonderful. This is either gonna lead to an AU story/comic or maybe some foreshadowing. Hehehehe! Anyways, great art. Can’t wait for the next page of this chapter.


LOL! I saw the ring but I was disappointed that it wasn’t any partner in Jack’s hand… 🙁 and of course, the “I ♥ hot Chocolate” mug left me thinking too… so, that is a very black tea or our beloved hare finally developed a preference for the sweet dark beverage after getting closer to certain someone, who knows, maybe he just forgot the ring that morning and forcing him to undress was just an excuse to remind him who he belongs to now… guess he was pretty late for work that day… both were late… I love to see… Read more »

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