Hello hello, dear friends. As we’ve told before, this is the last chapter of CYMBERLIGHT, which only means that whatever comes next won’t necessarely be a direct sequel of this chapter. On that note, if you would like, you can respond to this survey that will allow you to express a preference as to what you would like to see after this chapter!

You can properly watch the new gallery by selecting ☾YMBERLIGHT > COMIC from the menu, or simply go here: GALLERY
Alternatively… keep scrolling! 😉

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*sigh* *facepalm* Probably the only one who knows you –even better than yourself– is Greg, but he loves and respects you in such a way that he has tried to give you your space and time. However, even the most patient has his limits and your time is running out. How far must a father go to save his children? As far as necessary… It doesn’t surprise me at all that you were there, but you didn’t want her to know about it. It’s so typical of you, Jack. You love to hide… even from yourself. Hmmm… that game of… Read more »


“If she leave him now. She take away the biggest part of him.”
“ooh-hoo no, baby please don’t go”.


Wait? Final chapter?! What?! Please tell me this is a joke?

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I’m just sad that this is the end. There’s still some things left unresolved. 🥺 are you guys still gonna make comics?

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Poor Jackie, I didn’t know he showed up at the hospital. I hope he makes things right with CiCi again.


I forgot to add in my previous comment, how much I admire the visual quality of these pages. Jack’s emotional reaction to what happened to Cynthia, ‘because of him’, shows how deep his feelings are for the vixen. I particularly love the way the image changes from his previous self to his current self. A lovely touch is the very methodical way our boy prepared what appears to be soup. Speaking of being a perfectionist!!! How OCD are those perfectly diced vegetables?! LOL! I love him! And I highly doubt he could look more adorable than trying to cool down… Read more »


No puede ser… ¿Último capítulo? Yo pensé que Cymberlight iba a terminar con Cynthia y Jack como pareja o al menos veríamos algo romántico pero como van las cosas dudo que que eso pase por ahora así que tocará ser paciente. 😭👍🏻
Pd: Dios… qué bien se ve ese Jack sano, extraño verlo así. Ojo que no estoy diciendo que no me gusta el Jack actual, Jack se me hace atractivo en todas sus presentaciones XD. Definitivamente tengo un gran crush en Jack jajaja.


Please don’t worry, we WILL keep making comics of Jack and Cynthia! It’s just that we realized the best formula for us is making stand-alone comics that eventually connect with each other. Working on consecutive chapter is not ideal, that’s why we say this is a final chapters. But it’s not the final comic or final story! 😊

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