Operation Dinnertime [UPDATE 07/02/2019] – COMPLETED!

The comic Operation Dinnertime has been updated with pages 38-45!
You can read the new pages by clicking on the Continue reading → button; alternatively, you can read the whole comic by selecting CYMBERLIGHT > CYMBERLIGHT:PROTOTYPE > COMICS > OPERATION DINNERTIME from the menu, or simply go here: GALLERY

Operation Dinnertime’s status is now officially COMPLETED.
However, more is to come in late 2019! In fact, we’re going to release a special collection which will include:

  • the first 11 pages re-drawn to match the style of the latest pages;
  • the official continuation of the story after page 45 (they should be 10+ unedited pages);
  • various sketches and notes from the authors;
  • the written version of a part of the comic (to be decided);

The collection will be up for sale, and its price will be between 10$ and 20$, depending on how it turns out. Of course, our patrons will be eligible for a special discount based on the tier they belong to.

More information is to come in the future!

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Myles Wesley Kent

These two are meant for each other.


Beautiful work and perfect ending. They look so adorable together! *sigh* ♥♥♥ I guess we are almost beginning a new adventure. Some people might think that the moment these two get together the story will lose interest. In my personal opinion, Jack and Cynthia are the leads of this tale, but their universe and personal backgrounds are so rich, that even after their love story reaches its peak, you will still have a lot of material to be writing for years. Every tale you have shared about them means just a couple of hours or days in their lives and… Read more »


Me encanta el trabajo que hacen es muy hermoso ojala nunca paren de hacer esto :3

Zoe Wanton

Omg, that’s beautiful!!! I am in daze….

Jacob Reinartz

I love this story so very much. ❤


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